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Known for expressing the musicality of painting through the soul of a brush, Felicia Khong, also known as feliFRESH, is the true definition of an artist. The name feliFRESH was inspired by legendary hip-hop pioneer Doug E. Fresh both also being born on the same day, September 17th. Whether it's through music, art, design, photography or film, Felicia expresses her passion for creativity into all of her work.

The relation between music and art has been around for centuries, and for this Los Angeles artist there is no exception. Playing the piano and the drums at an early age, the correlation was only natural. With a mother as a piano teacher and a father as a preacher, Felicia and her three sisters grew up singing together in church. Becoming The JAZMIN Sisters, the girls went on to appear on shows like NBC's America's Got Talent and MTV's Top Pop Group. Driven by gratitude to the producers, mentors and friends in the music industry who played crucial roles throughout JAZMIN’s career, Felicia began creating music-inspired paintings for their homes and recording studios. One art show led to another and now she is sharing these pieces to tell her story. 

Featured in The Hold Up Gallery and The O Hotel while exhibiting throughout Los Angeles at the start of her career, feliFRESH won her first live art competition for Ford Fiesta and hasn't looked back since. Painting live and exhibiting for Lollapalooza in Chicago, Paid Dues Hip Hop Festival, Bloomfest, Downtown Artwalk, Betsey Johnson, Diabolo Drinks, Target, Macy's, Crewest, S.O.terik, Project Ethos, R.A.W. Artists and F.A.M.E. just to name a few, in addition to being featured in various music videos, Khong has a drive that is evident through her work ethic. 

A UCLA graduate and former Creative Coordinator of Interscope Records (Universal Music Group), Felicia was recently invited by Musicians Institute to host workshops on the art of using practical resources to market yourself as an artist in the digital age. She uses her background in the music industry to give back to the students and channels these life experiences into her art.

As an individual who loves, lives and breathes music, feliFRESH is able to capture the essence of her lifelong passion onto the canvas with every piece by "seeing sounds" and " hearing colors". Only to be described as pure visual music, she likens the similarities between brilliant hues and a good composition to a catchy melody over the right track incorporating all of these attributes into her art making her style truly unique. Representing a "fresh" generation of female entrepreneurs, Felicia "feliFRESH" Khong is a force to be reckoned with, hoping to continue to be an inspiration for years to come. 

Twitter: twitter.com/feliFRESH
Email: booking@feliFRESH.com

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