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Felisa Jimenez is a Colombian documentarian with a B.F.A in Film & Television from SCAD, the university of creative careers in Savannah, Georgia. She focused in producing and directing documentaries while there, working on different approaches; from short- three minute pieces that helped promote her fellow artist friends, up to the short documentary ¨Okefenokee: Land of Trembling Earth¨ which won third place in the Emerging Filmmaker Competition in the 2013 Ocean Film Festival, sponsored by the National Geographic Society.
Felisa kept working in her undergraduate thesis titled, ¨Socotra: He'r wa Imshin¨ shot on a remote Yemeni island.
The project continued as an independent production and made it to the first ever Yemeni Visual Arts and Film Festival. The debut film, a half hour short, premiered in Los Angeles, New York and Washington.
Currently, Felisa lives in Bogota, Colombia and works as an editor and production coordinator at Lulo Films, a production company based in Bogota and Toronto, developing content for film and television for broadcasters like the History Channel, Discovery Channel and National Geographic in Latin America.

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