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Performance artist and curator, lives and works in Curitiba, Brazil. Graduated in Visual Arts at Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná (2002) and Post-Graduated in Art Philosophy and Aesthetics at the Universidade Federal do Paraná (2010).
His work is based on the exploration of the action in the broad sense. Aspects related to the teleology of action, simple, complex and practical actions, know-howing-how-to-act, practical knowledge and potency-to-act are constant. Also concerning the action though directing itself beyond it, the Philosophy becomes more and more present in his practice.
Fernando has taken part in different events, festivals and exhibitions. Among them are MIP – Manifestação Internacional de Performance – Belo Horizonte, 2003; O Corpo na Cidade: performance em Curitiba, Brazil 2009; Trampolim – Vitória, Brazil 2011; Performa Paço – São Paulo, Brazil 2011; Direct Action 2011, Berlin, Hannover e London, 2011; Urbe-Brote Urbano – Buenos Aires, 2011; Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery – Chicago, US 2012; Mobius Inc – Boston, US 2012; Grace Exhibition Space – Nova York, US 2012; 4to Encuentro de Acción en Vivo y Diferido – Bogotá, Colombia 2012; Performance Corpo Política, Brasília, Brazil 2013; Miami Performance International Festival, Miami, US 2013; Corpo Ausente – Circuito Bode Arte – Natal, Brazil 2013; Mostra Performatus #1 – São Paulo, Brazil 2014; Independência: Quem troca? – Curitiba, Brazil 2014; Linguada Mostra de Artes – Curitiba, Brazil 2014; II Mostra de Arte Performática do Sesc Paço da Liberdade, Brazil 2014; Performance no Memorial, Memorial Minas Gerais Vale – Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2014.
Besides his practical work he is also curator and organizer of p.ARTE – Performance Art Exhibition: a monthly night of performance art that takes place in Curitiba since 2013. He was invited curator of the International Biennial of Curitiba 2013, being responsible for the curatorial program of performance art. Curator of performance art program in International Biennial of Curitiba 2015.

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