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The Fervent Arts Company was created by Asheq Akhtar in 2012. As a Director he made his first film ('Robin') in 2012 winning Tamasha Theatre's competition, 'Who's Behind The Wheel', with the film also being screened at the Tucson Film and Music Festival and Blissfields Music Festival.

'On Migration' was selected by the Satyajit Ray Foundation to compete for the Short Film Prize, and premiered at the London Indian Film Festival in July (2013). The film also screened at Leeds' No/Gloss Film Festival. 'We Danced In Narrow Spaces opened at the Shuffle Film Festival, as curated by Oscar Winner, Danny Boyle.

He has completed two short films for 2015: 'Ictus' and 'Leaving Garesfield'. Both are out for festival consideration.

For more information on forthcoming and current projects, visit the website.

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