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I am a creative filmmaker finding solutions to visual and narrative challenges with flair and passion. I believe in making films with something new to say that will inspire audiences; films that nobody else is making, that people want to see. My approach is about being positive, compassionate, direct and productive. I create environments where people feel they can give their best by balancing leadership and collaborative skills. I can bring energy and experience to bear on telling stories that are fresh and moving.
Awareness of the changes that digital or social innovations bring is critical to working in the moving image industry today. I think it's important to remain curious and keep an open mind to take advantage of the changing territory. As personal hero, comic book art scholar, Scott McCloud, urges, "learn from everyone, follow no one, watch for patterns and work like hell". Influences from the world of cinema include Alfred Hitchcock, for his vision; Stanley Kubrick, for his attention to detail; Robert Rodriguez, for his ingenuity and endeavour; Ridley Scott, for his style; and David Lynch, for his creative spark. All people I admire displaying qualities to which I aspire. I have found the films Apocalypse Now, American Beauty, Trainspotting, Pulp Fiction and Schindler's List inspirational. Outside filmmaking I respect Philip K Dick for his clear-sighted storytelling and Richard Dawkins as a champion of rational thought.

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