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Atlanta, GA

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Fever was founded by skateboarding enthusiast Ralph Darnell. He wanted to build a brand that represented skaters like himself and his friends. Guys who after a hard day of work or school just wanted to let loose, and session the streets with their crew. Sponsoring big name riders isn't the focus of Fever, nor is it to suck the blood from the veins of fellow skateboards to get paid. It's about building a family, and not in the bullshit cliche sense but in reality. We want everyone who supports Fever to feel like they're part of the crew. That's from wearing the rocker, riding the boards, or just putting a sticker on the window of your car. So if you're a rider for a company that's forgotten that you exist, or a kid that's just learning how to ollie. Come and join the rest of the Strayz and lets go skate.....Stay Sick


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