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The idea behind FFAKE is simple: produce the best quality animation for commercials, television, features, interactive and the web with a minimum of overhead & hype.

We use remarkably simple tools that any high school student could get their hands on (if they had buckets full of cash and didn’t think scamming licenses is a cool “rebel” thing to do.)

What’s the difference? We have trained professionals who have been honing their craft a little bit longer than some teenager has time between 8th period and band practice.

Founder, Paul Golden, has been producing animation for a long time. How long? Don’t ask, but suffice it to say, he was around for Pee-wee’s first season and then moved on to work at some of the best houses in the business including Broadcast Arts (known now as Curious Pictures), Dream Quest, Colossal Pictures, Wild Brain (as executive producer) and most recently President of Ads at LAIKA (formerly Vinton Studios.)

FFAKE was started out a desire to give folks what they want. If only they knew what that was...

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