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Filippo Feel Cavalca (Parma, Italy 1983) is an italian writer, film-maker, photographer and musician.
For years across the international Art scene, he began his career making short films including "Falstaff" (2004) and "The Path of The Skeptic" (2005) starring Alessandro Haber and selected among the 2007 best short films by the Syracuse Film Festival of NY.
Mario Monicelli's assistant in "Paper Tigers" (2008) and later on the set of "Anti-Mafia Squad"(2009), he began to create also by Art Photography focusing its research on "a grotesque portrait of the reality, perverse and delicate at the same time. "
TV format writer & director for italian RAI and European Broadcast Sky ("Routes of the Mediterranean" (2012), Look-A-Likes (2013), and creator of commercials and music videos, he lives and works right now between Rome and New York.

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