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The purpose and focus of Full Gospel Businessmen UK & Ireland (or FGB UK for short) is to reach men and women for Christ and to empower them for life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What began following a vision given to Demos Shakarian, a businessman, has spread to many nations in every continent in the world. The life changing story is told in the book "The Happiest People On Earth" which can be purchased from the FGB national office, or you can listen to the story on the FGB website: fgbuk.org .

We hold regular meetings throughout the UK and Ireland to share 'real life stories' about what a difference it makes having Jesus in their lives. FGB brings together men and women of all Christian church backgrounds and occupations, arranging meetings in hotels, restaurants and marketplace venues, where men share how God has made such a difference in their lives.

Video recordings of these Christian testimonies and of ministry at our National Conventions are freely shared with you through our website (fgbmfi.org.uk) or directly through vimeo. Enjoy watching them and be blessed in Jesus name.!

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