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Films and Videos made by the students of Department Film, Faculty of Design, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg, Germany.
This Department doesn't exist any longer since retirement of Ingo Petzke. It's been downgraded from "Film" to "Motion Graphics" since 1 July, 2012.


  1. Philipp Koch
  2. flo_O
  3. MovieBrats Studios
  4. Christoph Kirchner Film & Media
  5. Benjamin van Houts
  6. Ursula Ambach
  7. Stefanie Spachmann
  8. Hanni Welter
  9. Michael Reissinger
  10. dp138
  11. Jochen Kleinhenz
  12. Felix Herzog
  13. Mark-Steffen Göwecke
  14. Till Fuhrmeister
  15. Gerhard Nutz
  16. Sir Arthur Dent
  17. Mindcore Productions
  18. David Henning

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