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A multinational creative collective formed in 2010 by David Figueroa, Mark Raso, Mauro Mueller, and Mauricio Leiva-Cock. Fidelio focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to filmmaking. With a belief that no idea is too big or too small if told with passion and dedication, Fidelio aims to transcend plot and resonate with an audience on a personal level.

Since its inception, Fidelio has produced 10 short films that span all genres with all 10 films having played in film festivals around the world. With a feature film currently in pre-production, and several other features and shorts in development, Fidelio is excited to continue telling stories that matter well into the future.


  1. Felipe Guerrero
  2. Colour Chorus- David Franjic
  3. Richard Miron
  4. Mauricio Leiva Cock