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  1. 10:40

    Fido -2012

    by Goodbye Kansas Studios (2)

    Examples of talking animals and Characters. Also our latest reel.

  2. 13:30

    #Water & liquids FX

    by Goodbye Kansas Studios (2)

    A collection of different waters and liquid simulations. Everything from oceans, chocolate to blood.

  3. 07:23

    Fido Digital Enviroments

    by Goodbye Kansas Studios (2)

    A bouquet of digital environments in various styles.

  4. Password Password
  5. 03:20


    by Goodbye Kansas Studios (2)

    Short demonstration of SpeedFur, a hybrid GPU/CPU Hair and Fur System. Everything you see in the viewport is evaluated in real time, no cashing or pre calculations. Contact Fredrik Limsäter…

  6. 03:56


    by Goodbye Kansas Studios (2)

    Related material from Fido

  7. 08:51


    by Goodbye Kansas Studios (2)

    Various Fido projects involving feathers.

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