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  1. Field Museum Expeditions: The Ants of Costa Rica

    12 videos

    Track down the trails of some amazing ants in the tropical forests of Costa Rica with Field Museum curator Corrie Moreau and her team of researchers and scientists-in-training. For Expeditions at The Field Museum, we asked Corrie to document the team’s daily life as well as their discoveries revealing…

  2. Expeditions: Antarctic Meteorites & Stromatolites

    5 videos

    Go prospecting for meteorites along the world’s most productive recovery fields—the glaciers of Antarctica! Then dive into the frigid waters of one of the continent’s largest freshwater lakes to meet a living community of some of Earth’s oldest fossils: stromatolites. For Expeditions…

  3. Expeditions: Early Land Plants of Chile

    9 videos

    Sail along the Cape Horn Archipelago with Field Museum botanist Laura Briscoe and her colleagues as they catalog the incredible diversity of some of the world's earliest land plants—liverworts, hornworts, and mosses. For Expeditions at The Field Museum, we asked Laura to document the team’s…

  4. Peggy Draws

    5 videos

    Peggy draws and paints a variety of animals, specimens, artifacts--pieces of nature and culture at the Field Museum. Follow her here through the process of painting a Snowy Owl. See The Art & Science of Birds for more about Peggy's techniques and bird research at the Field Museum http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/art-science-of-birds/id766912914?mt=8

  5. Neolithic Archaeology in Hungary

    7 videos

    Unearth the remnants of some of Europe’s earliest villages with Field Museum curator and archaeologist Dr. William Parkinson. For Expeditions at The Field Museum, we asked Dr. Weckstein and his team to document their daily lives and discoveries as they excavate Neolithic settlements on the Great…

  6. Field Museum Expeditions: Amazonian Birds

    26 videos

    Take a riverboat cruise with ornithologists John Bates, Jason Weckstein, and Alexandre Aleixo as they catalog breathtaking bird life along the banks of Brazil’s Rio Japurá. For Expeditions at The Field Museum, we asked Dr. Weckstein and his team to document their daily lives and discoveries…

  7. Systems Biology

    0 videos

    The videos in this series were developed by educators and scientists from The Field Museum and University of Chicago's Chicago Center for Systems Biology. They are intended for use by high school biology teachers to engage students in learning about the discoveries being made in this field of science.

  8. Videos from the Division of Birds

    34 videos

    Find out more about birds and the Field Museum researchers who study them.

  9. Traveling Exhibitions

    4 videos

    The Field Museum's traveling exhibitions B-roll

  10. TakeTheField

    4 videos

    TakeTheField is a series of digital programs at The Field Museum that allows teens to use the latest in digital technology and go behind-the-scenes to interact and learn with scientists, designers, researchers and each other! http://fieldmuseum.org/schools/summer-2012-teen-digital-program-applications

  11. Mollusk Diversity

    6 videos

    Go digging for clams with Field Museum Curator and zoologist, Dr. Rüdiger Bieler and his international team of scientists as they study the evolution of mollusks—the largest group of animals in the oceans and the second largest animal group in the world! You’ll discover how mapping out…

  12. Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age

    9 videos

    These videos are featured in the Field Museum exhibition "Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age"

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