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Fiery Archer is a UK-based independent film production team, home to multi award-winning LGBT short 'Tandem' (2011), the stand-alone fantasy-based follow-up 'Walking with the Ferryman' (2014) and matriarch-centered romantic fantasy 'Waltz Into Moonlight' (2014).

Our work has screened at film festivals on every major continent. We pride ourselves on making films with high production standards in spite of managing miniscule, self-funded production budgets.

With our LGBT-themed work, we are trying to be visionary. We are trying to make films for the more independent, free-spirited members of the LGBT community which we hope friends and all open-minded people from outside the LGBT spectrum can also engage with and enjoy.

We enjoy challenging conventions of representation, defying (often self-imposed) community sterotypes and we particularly believe in an inclusive, high visibility on screen for more mature characters.

While our future output will no doubt be varied, strong production values and challenging the orthodoxy of mainstream representation through intelligent and emotionally fuelled narratives will remain at our core.

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