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50/50 is an organization that uses a unique microfinance approach to help people start or grow small businesses around the world in places where access to the necessary capital is difficult to obtain.

We operate on the old proverb, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. But TEACH a man to fish and he’ll eat for life.” However, we think that adage is still missing something--after all, merely knowing how to fish won't do much good if there's no rod and fishing line. That's what we try to provide.

Through our programs, we help people to identify a line of work that can be sustainable and profitable given local resources, help them learn the business skills they'll need to maintain and grow, and assess the start-up costs that will be necessary for equipment, inventory, and administrative costs.

50/50 and the entrepreneur split that cost: 50% of those costs are supplied to the entrepreneur in the form of a grant, with no expectation of repayment. The remaining 50% of those costs are supplied as a loan, with periodic re-payments to be made by the entrepreneur once their business is up and running. There is no interest on the loan.

We believe strongly in helping to encourage responsibility, accountability, and self-sufficiency. In treating people as partners, not subordinates. But we also believe in giving people the extra boost they need to get started.

Why? Because in many parts of the world, people live--and all too often, die-- on less in a year what you and I earn in a day. If you're really fortunate, it's what you earn in an hour. People unlucky enough to live in such dire poverty almost always need some external help to lift themselves out of it.

We start from the principle that it's not only politicians and presidents who can make a difference and chip away at some of the world's big problems to help people in need. It's us. And it's you.

We are determined, passionate, and pragmatic.

But most of all, we are impatient.

Please join us--we have no time to lose.

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