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Fighting with Forks is a team of award winning film makers who spend their time making films, music videos, commercials, motion graphics, and other camera and computer related items.

FWF is currently wrapping post-production on a full feature film called "The Many Monsters of Sadness", as well as two short films that are part of the Many Monsters universe. Each film involves how a mysterious, wooden box impacts the lives of people who find it. Comedy, suspense, drama, and emotion surround these films that are all related to one another, but are able to stand on their own.

Fighting with Forks won Best film in the 2009 Nashville 48 Hour Film Project with their film “Now You’re Being Ridiculous.” In 2010, they joined forces with producer Ryan Hartsock and his team to make the 48 hour film “The Department of Thoughts and Intentions,” which won Best Director, Best Editor, Best Cinematography, Best Graphics, and was Runner Up for Best Film.

They've been honored to be part of the Nashville Film Festival in 2010 and 2011, and they look forward to being part of more festivals in the near future as they complete these latest projects.

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