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Filipe Viegas was born in Lisbon in 1974. Studied architecture until the 3rd year, diploma that abandoned to dedicate himself to contemporary dance and to the foundation of an art production collective that would change Lisbon cultural panorama: Bomba Suicida. As Bomba Suicida's president and artist his activity is divided between creator, curator, technitian, light designer, video artist and producer, like his fellow partners in Bomba Suicida who also have many responsibilities.
One of the menthors of the event Sunday Show, a cabaret presented in Bomba Suicida Studio from 2002 til 2007, Filipe Viegas developed here his alter ego , the presenter of the show, Madunna.
Of his pieces the choreographer stands out the last pieces : “Kaleidoscope”, “Narciso” and "End of part one".
As a Bomba Suicida member he is proud of the positive actions of this collective has a supporter of emerging artists in performance and visual arts and also with the development Bomba Suicida's studio as presentation space with a regular program in Lisbon cultural agenda.
In 2008 dedicated himself to the production of the project
In 2009 Filipe Viegas moved to Rome where he his producing and promoting the work of the italian artists Antonio Tagliarini

Filipe Viegas had the chance to work with: Tânia Carvalho, Mônica Coteriano, Ivo Serra, Luis Guerra, Francisco Camacho, André Gonçalves, Jaime Conde-Salazar Perez, Brahim Sourni, Antonio Tagliarini, Ambra Senatore, Luis Graça, Ana Rita Osório and Sofia Matos among others.