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Film Africa: Celebrating African Cinema

Launched in 2011, Film Africa was founded by the Royal African Society to meet the need for a dedicated platform celebrating African cinema in London - one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Over the last four years, the festival has contributed to the mainstreaming of African cinema, extending film choice to over 14,000 diverse audiences.

At the heart of Film Africa’s success is our focus on programming the very best films and engaging the most dynamic and innovative filmmakers.

We have also worked on building collaborative partnerships with our host venues, funders and sponsors, as well as other African film festivals and organisations to promote African film in the UK.

This year Film Africa celebrates its 5th anniversary. Join us from Friday 30 October - Sunday 8 November for 10 days of the best African fiction and documentary films alongside a vibrant programme of events, including director Q&As, industry sessions, educational workshops, family activities and much more.

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