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Studio FILM BILDER has been producing original and innovative animation ever since its foundation in 1989. Under Studio owner Thomas Meyer-Hermann FILM BILDER pursues a 'twin-track' ethos. On the one hand, commissioned work such as the animated sequences in RUN LOLA RUN, music videos for DIE TOTEN HOSEN, layouts for the feature THE THREE ROBBERS, and the famous dancing umbrella for the ZDF weather forecast. On the other hand, a wide range of artistic shorts including THE FINAL SOLUTION by Phil Mulloy, NO ROOM FOR GEROLD by Daniel Nocke and Andreas Hykade's THE RUNT. These shorts have been honoured with over one hundred awards at festivals worldwide. In order to introduce more artistic work into the film and TV industry, FILM BILDER have recently initiated several bigger projects. TOM & THE SLICE OF BREAD WITH STRAWBERRY JAM & HONEY is a series for children by Andreas Hykade. It is screened on German channel KiKa with great success. MIRRORLAND is a planned animated feature by Phil Mulloy, and THE BUNJIES is a fifty two part TV series by Ged Haney and Andreas Hykade.

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