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The BRIT School Film & Digital Arts facility is run by award winning filmmaker Ken McGill who has 20 years experience making films at the highest level. He is perhaps best known for the groundbreaking documentary “Graham Taylor - An Impossible Job” which was screened as part of the Cutting Edge series on Channel Four. For a full list of his credits go to

In 2005 Ken was commissioned to produce, direct and shoot a series on the BRIT School for the BBC and it was during the year he spent here that he was captivated by what the school stands for, “I remember thinking that if I'd had the chance to come to a place like this that my life would have been quite different”.

The role of F&DA is to provide creative film opportunities to the various strands, not only to film some of the many and varied shows put on, but to create new work specially created with film and digital arts in mind. As a consequence it has fostered more inter strand collaboration and introduced a new creative outlet for students and teachers. McGill says, “I thought that the one thing the school has over other places is the sheer variety of content that we can train our cameras on. Pop videos, dance, musical theatre, animation: it’s all here”. So, as well as being educational, the work of F&DA is providing the school with a valuable archive and provides students, be they performers or technicians, with tangible proof of their achievements.

F&DA students receive valuable experience working on productions in various capacities; a kind of film apprenticeship. This affords them an early insight into the skill options available and allows them to choose, at an early stage, what they think they would be best suited to follow as a career. They will get a lot of practice planning productions, shooting, editing, and creating graphics and title sequences. Apart from the hands on experience they will visit post production houses, CGI companies and be attached to production companies for work experience. Each student will be expected to produce a short graduation film of his or her choice.

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