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  1. 03:59

    2017 Mashup Videos

    by Filmed by Bike

    7 Videos

    Get a sneak peek at the 15th Annual Filmed by Bike and our festival trailer

  2. 27:46

    Media Preview Reel 2015

    by Filmed by Bike

    4 Videos

    A selection of the 53 films that will be shown at the 13th Annual Filmed by Bike, a showcase of the world's best bike movies. May 22-24, 2015 Hollywood Theatre

  3. 21:48

    Media Preview Reel 2014

    by Filmed by Bike

    8 Videos

    A selection of movies from the 12th Annual Filmed by Bike. The film Ciclo is a full length feature film. For a media screener of this piece, please contact or call 971 221…

  4. 12:52

    Media Preview Reel 2013

    by Filmed by Bike

    5 Videos

    A sampling of the 35+ films that will show at the 11th Annual Filmed by Bike ** Please do not publish these. It is okay to publish the World Naked Bike Ride trailer ** April 20-23, 2013 Clinton…

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