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Our Mission is a London based production company, run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers, most of which are second generation British born Filipinos. Using a variety of media including music, video and the internet, we aim to bring you Filipino related news and media, to promote the vast range of Filipino talent across the globe and to raise awareness of the Filipino tradition in today’s modern culture.

Established in 2007, the original concept was to create a short film covering the talent of the Filipinos in the UK. Through research and communication with various Filipino communities around the globe, it became apparent that there was a need for a platform celebrating Filipino talents. The website was realised in September 2007 after attending and filming parts of the Barrio Fiesta and Filipino Independence Day 2007. Since then, we have filmed and hosted various Filipino events and captured footage of Filipino celebrities.

Recent currently operates in partnership with Heavy Rotation and One Philippines.

Clients and Affiliates
Barrio Fiesta
Filipinos Got Talent
Word of Mouth
Philippine Independence Day
London Fashion Week
Silverdale Boys

We have also met and filmed footage of artists such as, Regine Velasquez, Christian Bautista, Epi Quizon, Coolio, Ricky Hatton, Manny Pacquio….and more

One Philippines
Heavy Rotation
Philippines Centre
Signature Sounds
Pinoys Finest
Ugly Kids Club
Philippine Generations

We would like your participation in our aim to unite all Filipinos, not only residing in the UK but Filipinos around the globe. Let our voices be heard, our talents be appreciated and our pride as Filipinos be known. This is Filmefilms, one team with Pinoys worldwide.

Filmefilms Team.

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