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HD secure screeners, film and festival rating tools, social festival planning and submitting;
be in the place where festivals begin discovering the next generation.

Film•Festival•Life [abbr - FFLife, acronym - FFL] is an online destination for the film community to discover, reach and discuss the film festival planet.

Festivals are valued for the film industry as the most explosive avenue for growing contacts, collaborations and careers internationally. FilmFestivalLife aims for the creation of this same socialization, sharing and support - online.

The platform provides filmmakers with the technology to plan and distribute their films to film festivals internationally, while providing programmers with the technology to make their festival program selection. If you make films or you screen films, FilmFestivalLife can connect you to the next generation of game-changers through critical planning, submitting, evaluation and opinion.

Join the inclusive, online film festival life.

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