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is an organization for creators of features films, documentaries, television movies, television series, short and experimental works to find professional personnel, products, services, locations and everything else related to the creation of motion picture works of any type and length.

also plans to provide information valuable to independent filmmakers; a means for collaborators to network; outlines for business plans; data regarding execs at studios, networks, and distributors.

welcomes ideas regarding any other information or features that could be added to better assist filmmakers regarding any aspect of the filmmaking process.

FilmNashville is comprised of hundreds of professional producers, directors, actors, crew personnel, writers, post-production personnel, soundstage owners, distributors, and entertainment attorneys involved in the film, television, video and interactive entertainment industries based in Nashville, USA.

The mission of FilmNashville has been to facilitate development and distribution of motion picture projects designed for theatrical, television, video and/or interactive release, either shot in the Nashville region or created by Nashville-based filmmakers, thereby building the economic and creative infrastructures of the Nashville motion picture environment.

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