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London - England

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Born there, brought here and currently trying to live everywhere... I'm self-shooting DV Director, who perhaps one day wishes to become a decent documentary filmmaker.

I am interested in the evolution of communities and the cyclic changes of society: How what we're experiencing today, might have taken place many years ago and whether record keeping (and documentaries) could help us improve the cycles of our evolution and the future of tomorrow's society.

I am excited by the interaction of the audience with all the different forms of audiovisual content that they (we) consume, and would love to produce more 'approachable' documentaries that explore complex subjects in a more dynamic maner; making them more appealing for a wider audience - specially for those who believe that documentaries are made to be told and not to be inspired.

And amongst all of th above, I'm still working out what is it that I want to do when I grow up!


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