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Film Shortage is a website dedicated entirely to short films. We feature mind-blowing new shorts every day and will be a perfect launch pad for filmmakers to get their shorts out there!

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  1. Joseph Kahn
  2. Aggressive
  3. Peter Szewczyk
  4. Slot B
  5. Louis Lazaris
  6. Leah McKissock
  7. Home sweet home the film
  8. Nicola Sersale
  9. Everything All At Once
  10. Andy  Fortenbacher
  11. Guy Soulsby - Director
  12. Bastiaan Koch
  13. Lukas Schrank
  14. Malik Isasis
  15. Alexey Marfin
  16. Nathaniel Lindsay
  17. John Mattiuzzi
  18. A.J. Briones

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  1. So glad this is back up! You and Adi rock! Featured on Film Shortage
  2. Great mood. good trailer!