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Newcastle University: FILM-SOC

FILM-SOC is a central platform to make, watch, share and promote films. Each semester we will write, direct and edit a small number of short films that will be sent to various film festivals and competitions. As well as short films there will be opportunities to make music videos and promotional films. Regular group cinema trips will be arranged to the Empire or Tyneside Cinema at discounted prices. Througout the year there will be events such as pub quizzes and lectures in Film Theory and History. Through email, Twitter and Facebook, members can keep informed of different opportunities and events associated with film and television production (such as craft workshops, training and internships) with the BFI, Northern Film & Media, Creative England and BAFTA. Film-Soc will provide opportunities to link with pre-existing societies such as Newcastle University Theatre Society (NUTS), The Courier Newspaper and TCTV as well as professional organisations outside the University

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