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Senior Editor, Gravitate // Singapore

I was 10 years old when I was first introduced to editing at my brother's friend who is doing wedding videos.
I was amazed with this small black console which almost the same size of my Atari with a throttle joystick, that works wonders on that wedding video. With flying and rolling DVE's plus a background music track of Shakatak's Night Birds, I was mesmerized and I dreamt of seeing myself sitting in front of that cool black console in the future.

At this present moment, I did. I did sat in front of that cool consoles from Speed Razor, Media 100, Avid to Final Cut Pro. I've been cutting and doing motion graphics for almost 17 years.

I've spent around 8 years as a freelance in Bangkok, Vietnam, Singapore and mostly in Manila as Offline & Online Editor, Comp VFX / Motion GFX Artist (After Effects) in different disciplines like Music Videos, Indie Films, Documentaries, Corporate Videos, Event and Live Shows, TV Series and TV Ads which I mostly enjoyed doing. With the experience on different disciplines of editing and working with people who are experts on their own respective disciplines of production made me versatile and creative.

Technology also made a difference since i saw that cool black console back in early 90s with an added influence of MTV's funky effects during that time.

Since from Film to Digital Revolution, I've been enjoying playing around with toys that the Generation introduce. At present, here at Gravitate, I play around with DaVinci Resolve and Autodesk Smoke and always update myself and my team with workflows preparing for the infinite changes this Generation of Digital Filmmaking provides which I find amusing.

At the end of the day, I still enjoy telling & cutting stories.

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