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The India-Europe Foundation for New Dialogues - FIND is a non-profit Swiss foundation with a mission to promote intercultural dialogue between India and other countries. Its activities focus on three main pillars: music, photography and intercultural dialogue.

FIND believes that knowledge, research and dialogue are fundamental in overcoming prejudice, fanaticism and discrimination. Respect and mutual understanding are crucial in bringing different nations and cultures closer, particularly in today's societies dominated more and more by internet, mobile phones and the media.

India and Europe have shared responsibilities born from their common heritage, democratic values and freedom of expression but at the same time, they also have shared problems exacerbated by the process of globalization which tends to place tradition and modernity in opposition.

Although technology plays an important role in resolving the dilemmas of the 21st century, we believe that only by eliminating prejudice and widening our vision will we be able to respect each others differences and learn from them.

FIND believes that the world has still much to understand about India and with a more profound understanding of the true essence of humankind, a new humanism can emerge which comprises both East and West.

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