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Fine Featherheads is a movement—a commitment to style, to adventure, and to giving back. Welcome to the Featherheads Family.

Fine Featherheads first became famous as the innovators of the Original Feather Hair Extension. As the pioneers of the fashion feather movement, Fine Featherheads’ brand quickly became recognized as the industry leader and the number one source for the highest quality feathers found anywhere in the world. Since then, Fine Featherheads has expanded their products beyond feather hair extensions, to handcrafted jewelry, TINT Hair Chalk and other hair accessories and products.

Our mission is to empower people to live boldly, with a sense of adventure, romance and beauty. Everything we create has a purpose: to help you express yourself, your style and your dreams to the world. All of our products, from The Original Feather Hair Extensions, to Earrings, to Fly Ties, to our Head Dress, are designed to reflect who you are and allow you to live the Fine Featherheads’ lifestyle.

Here at Fine Featherheads we are committed to our process of hand-selecting only the highest quality, all-natural feathers. Each creation that we produce is a one of a kind expression, just like you.
Go Ahead - Express Yourself!

ૐ Love, Light & Feathers,
The Fine Featherheads Family

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