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I fell in love with woodworking when I was fourteen, but my dad, a bricklayer, had already stirred my interest with the woodwork he made for my older sister. The Industrial Arts program in my high school and subsequent Industrial Arts Degree equipped me for the last 30 years in the profession.

I like seeing the pleased expression when someone feels the soft curves and surfaces on a piece that I’ve made. Besides being visually pleasing and perhaps even provocative, art furniture should stir a person to a point where the desire to touch is irresistible.
When designing a piece of art furniture, I find that the things that influence me most, are various shapes, life experiences and other cultures I have been in. Those that have most inspired me have been masters like Mondrian, and Mackintosh, the Arts and Crafts movement and Art Nouveau. In the past few years I have enjoyed the more rugged and organic designs of the west where severity in climate influences the shape and color of the materials I used.

2009 Best of Show, Exhibitor’s Choice, People’s Choice
Cody High Style, Buffalo Bill Museum

Cowboys & Indians, The Denver Post, The Cowboy Way, Woodshop News, Western Art & Architecture, The Gazette and The Tribune, Colorado Springs

Gallery Two-Ten, Colorado Springs
Design Center, Denver, Colorado

The Pioneer Museum, Colorado Springs

The Natural Dream Home

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