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  1. Microsoft Surface 3

    6 videos

    Finger Music collaborated with pen beatmakers to create an original and high-energy score for the new Surface 3. Client: Microsoft Agency: M-United Production Co: a WHITELABEL product Director: Olivier Gondry

  2. Finger Music & Sound Design

    5 videos

    Here are 10 second previews of our sound design and the interactive Garage Magazine apps. To see more, download the free Garage Mag app, and get your copy of issue Nº8: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/garage-mag/id911021911?mt=8 http://garagemagazine.bigcartel.com/

  3. Halls Sound Design Spots

    2 videos

    Finger Music & Sound Design contributed the signature icy-windy-woosh to this series of Halls spots. Let's get weird, together!

  4. Reebok

    5 videos

    For Chad & Annie and Damn.

  5. Test

    10 videos

  6. Sound Design

    10 videos

  7. Recent Work

    8 videos

  8. Music

    11 videos

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