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Founding Statement | Fingersix | Collective of Choreographers

We found each other during our studies at the former EDDC, ArtEZ (NL). Fingersix was created on a sunny day in 2005.

We are a collective of artists who share an endless curiosity for performing, a deep belief in the richness of collaboration, and a crazed passion for manifesting our imagination and research into performance!

Fingersix will continue to build a rich frame for exchange, research, production, collective teaching, and curatorial opportunities. We will persist on our trajectory towards a refinement of critical discourse surrounding our work, and further articulation of our methodologies. Last but not least we will nourish opportunities to collaborate with people who believe that meeting the other is where art finds its primary social, playful, and undeniable value!

Sofia Mavragani / Greece
Melina Seldes / Argentina
Marta Navaridas / Spain
Dani Brown / U.S.A.
Alessio Castellacci / Italy

Fingersix is active in the field with creation and teaching via collective as well as independent projects. Their work has been created and performed in Europe, Asia, and South America, while as teachers they have been invited from several centers such as K3 / Hamburg, Dock11 and TanzFabrik / Berlin, Çatı Dans Stüdyosu / Instabul, IUNA (National University Institute for the Arts)/Buenos Aires, Ekintza Studio/Toloza (Spain), Estudio 7/Amsterdam, CCA Summer Dance School/ Glasgow.

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