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FIONA is way ahead of her time. Although she is in her early teens, Fiona looks back at some extraordinary successes in her young career. Fiona won the GERMAN CHAMPIONSHIP of HIP HOP Dance and was also a singer of the German Girl Group “LOLLIPOPS”. While a member of the group Fiona as toured extensively throughout Germany in the last couple of years.
After she released a couple of Albums with the “LOLLIIPOPS” under hit-producer Peter Hoffman (Tokio Hotel), it’s now time for Fiona to embark on her next huge and bold venture of becoming a solo artist. As a solo artist Fiona’s new sound is more mature, and although she is a young teenager her swaga and style portray someone much more vibrant beyond her years. She looks older than she is, seems confident, determined, sexy and knows exactly where she is heading.
Fiona is now looking to take her music internationally and she has the potential to eventually step into the foot prints of her great idols KE$HA, PINK and KATY PERRY. However, her idols are already in their mid twenties and FIONA is just embarking on her march towards STARDOM!!!

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