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After recognizing both the significance and lackluster of the media industry, Trevor Walroth launched First Frame Media in January of 2008 and has molded it into a prominent conglomerate company offering a broad range of services relative to the vast medium known as media. Armed with up-to-date knowledge and technology, a network of established artists and a desire to inspire, clients can expect reliable, unique and exhilarating product outcomes. The company sets no creative limitation upon itself, but instead welcomes and embraces any project, regardless of size or challenge.

Additionally, First Frame Media aims to influence a younger generation of artists to realize and utilize their artistic talents: in the near future the company has plans to tour around Canadian middle and high schools in an effort to shed light on the various facets of media. By showing students the variety of possibility involved in the arts by example, and by providing the students with understandable information, the company hopes to shape and unravel creative minds, thus making room for a new and evolved generation of media art.

First Frame Media has eliminated the runaround for clients searching for a variety of third party companies to fulfill their multi-project desires; one-stop-media-shopping. Clients have the ability to pick and choose the offered facets to utilize their project needs by offering:

+ Video Production
+ Photography
+ Design (Graphic & Web)
+ Promotion and Publicity
+ Tattooing

First Frame Media assures clients that they will find something they need. Whether it be a singular project basis, a multiple project basis, and/or a full package deal, there is something for everyone.

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