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FISB a Social Organization promoting StreetBall. StreetBall is basketball 3on3 played in the streets, in the squares, in theplaygrounds and everywhere there is a basketball backboard and passion for this sport.
Streetball is extreme passion, pure fun and clean competion. All the players involved play with intensity and tought but with fair play and respect which often you cannot find in indoor basketball games.
In Italy the Streetball Movement is spreading by means of many 3vs3 tournaments. FISB represents the connection among all those tournaments and associations located throughout the country.
FISB joined all those tournaments, giving birth to the an Italian Tour, recognized also by international organisations and associations.
FISB Streetball Tour encompasses all the main 3on3 streetball tournaments from North to South Italy and it leads to a huge National Final Championship which brings all the best ballers to play one against the other in a great contest.


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