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Fish & Game is the name of the creative partnership of Eilidh MacAskill and Robert Walton. Fish & Game create entertaining experimental art works that straddle theatre and Live Art. Eilidh MacAskill is based in Glasgow, Scotland and Robert Walton is based in Melbourne, Australia.

These are original and talented thinkers and theatre-makers. I have not been so intrigued or challenged by a new show from Scotland for a long time.

- Robert Dawson Scott, The Times

Glasgow’s Live Art super-group… the excellent Fish & Game.

- Gareth Vile, The Skinny

We met in 1998 and made our first piece together in Berlin in 2000 while we were both students at Dartington College of Arts. Over the last 11 years we have made more than 40 original works exploring our fascination with performance, nature, ritual and play. Our work is interdisciplinary and spans theatre, new media, visual art, music, dance and comedy. We have shown work internationally, across the UK but mostly in Scotland, our home. Much of our work takes place outside of traditional art spaces and incorporates encounters with audience members and their environments. Our work is often interactive and tests the boundaries of what performance can be. We have made a range of one-to-one performances and works for small groups as well as shows for large audiences in theatres, parks and sporting arenas.

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