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Manila ,Philippines

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Who is Fitri Cerado?
Fitri Cerado is an 8- year old girl. When you first meet her, you would think that she is just another and happy kid. She was born in Indonesia on in November, 2003, to Filipino parents. Her mother and father were both working in Indonesia at the time she was born. She currently still lives and goes to school there. At an early age, Fitri showed interest in singing and music. She was only a toddler when she started to listen to Mozart and watch Indian music videos. When she was three, she started to learn singing from her father. She started a local music school, to take singing and piano lessons. She enjoyed performing from the beginning, and started performing. In 2011, she entered the Super Wani 2 competition, one of the popular talent show of JTV Indonesia. She was chosen one of the best of 5-600 contestants, and after the finals, when she had to beat 19 other contestants, she was awarded first place.

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