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I am a young 32 years old. I live in Utah, which is a beautiful place, in my estimation. I have been a father for seven years, and I have two children that I adore. My best-friend and fiancé and I enjoy living in downtown Salt Lake City.
In my professional life I have already had the privilege of working with more than 350 different industries, including those in the entertainment world, services, and retail. I have experienced four technological revolutions: computers; the web; cell phones; and most recently, interactive user technology.

I have owned and operated successful marketing, branding, consulting, sales, and design businesses. Not everything I have undertaken in life has turned out a success, but I have endeavored to learn from those set backs, as well as from my triumphs. And I have appreciated the awards and recognition that my successes have brought me.

Currently, I am able to travel the world while consulting and helping businesses huge and small learn the secrets to running what I call a Five Star business. This needs a definition or explanation here. Even to me, it sometimes feels like I live a charmed life as I get to speak to audiences all over the map.

Of course, it didn’t start out this way, and as you can guess, it’s been a real journey getting here. But the ending, if my intent has anything to do with it, will be in changing the world for the better, and not just in business, but all around us. It will be in having brought many others on board to help make a true difference, working together to change communities, families, and individuals for the good.