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My fleetwd1 "Living Water 2 U" YouTube Channel was down but is now back up. You may write me here if you would like to..

For the latest videos that I had shared, or will be sharing, please view and follow them also on Vimeo. see links to your favorite video sources below. And for more resources see the websites also.

A friend of Des Ford from the fall of 1979. Prior to that I had listen to tapes, read book and articles by him.

A former student and personal friend of Des from Australia helped me understand the gospel in late 1972 a year after my conversion.

I produced Living Water CD in 2007 with approval and consent from Michael Mertens and Pam McHenry.

A friend of Edward Fudge and Mark Lanier who give me access to their videos as well.

my bio info from YouTube read as follows:

sharing music, sermons, biblical studies, lectures and seminars

"Come let us reason together."

A word about some of my video benefactors:

This man, Des Ford, from Australia has influenced me indirect or directly for well over 40 years now. All that I have become in any virtuous way is a direct result of his teaching. I use what I have learned from him to measure all others. He has kept me away from teachings that are rubbish. He sees Jesus in all of scripture and makes an understanding of Him more clear as a result.

Edward Fudge is a true elder brother. Like an elder brother he is much superior in many ways. Yet in his generosity, he treats me as an equal. A truly spiritual brother is he. I desire to be like him.

Mark Lanier a true example of Christian excellence letting Christ define his ethics in work, study and play. Only he could make a term like "bible nerd" desirable. His library, a world class Theological Library is his gift to any and all who will use it responsibly.

Thanks to them my YouTube channel is the success it has become!

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