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If one has a quest to understand the nature of things around him he/she should be receptive to accept the truth. In this midst of urban chaos we set out to experiment by collaborating with each other to perform in public spaces. One of them in particular titled "Resonance Tapes" was performed on the 13th Floor of a an abandoned building located right in the heart of Urban Delhi. We had momentarily reacted to our environment and started to create a kind of flux which was helping us make these bodily movements which were very surreal in nature. But we could experience a force which pushed us further and towards when we did this act. Was the place jinxed as it is believed the 13th floor is unlucky and brings in bad luck to the man. We set forth to perform the same act in an open public space with a lot of human traffic. A contrary to the seclusion and solitude we had felt in the abandoned space. The 2nd performnace inherited it's title from an overheard comment by a passerby as "Tanda Mohabat" this became our stand point reference and titled it as 'Frozen Love'. People were curious about the happenings by these strangers. And this we thought was giving them a glimpse of the life one lives in a repetitive manner doing the same routine again and again until the system breaks. Our simple acts then grew larger in thoughts and had experimented further during odd hours of the night .

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