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  1. 26:07

    Healthcare Basics

    by FlexSim Simulation Software

    6 Videos

    These short videos will show you the essentials to successful simulation modeling in FlexSim Healthcare.

  2. 05:38

    Technical Support Videos

    by FlexSim Simulation Software

    1 Video

    These videos answer questions that are commonly asked to FlexSim's Technical Support Department.

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  4. 03:00

    Feature Spotlights

    by FlexSim Simulation Software

    4 Videos

    These videos cover some of the intuitive and convenient elements and features found in FlexSim.

  5. 26:38

    FlexSim Basics

    by FlexSim Simulation Software

    9 Videos

    New to FlexSim? These videos will teach you the absolute essentials to quick and easy model building using FlexSim Simulation Software.

  6. 44:47


    by FlexSim Simulation Software

    18 Videos

    A video series with tips, tricks, and tutorials for successful modeling in FlexSim, the best discrete event simulation software.

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