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What is Flex Watches all about?

The Flex Watch is a symbol of a vibrant, active life. It was created to inspire change and will change the industry itself; the Flex is not just a watch, it's a brand that represents the lifestyle we aspire to lead. The 10-10-10 standard was inspired by a group of individuals hoping to raise awareness through unique colorful products. Our watches embody creativity without sacrificing what is most important: the people.

What are we doing for the charities?

Here at Flex Watches our primary goal is to raise awareness for the 10 charities teamed up with us. From local events to nationwide campaigns, and from campus reps to local businesses, Flex Watches is The Original Charity Watch. In addition, we donate ten percent of our gross profits evenly to each participating charity.

How can you help?

By wearing your Flex Watch, you are already starting to raise awareness for the organization linked to the color. The hope here at flex watches is that you will share the story of the charity that represents the color of your watch. Additionally, on each of the charity profile pages theres a donate button that links to their website. Find out more about what they do by click through and reading about these awesome organizations.

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