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FlipMu is home to the collective works of Owen Vallis and Jordan Hochenbaum. Interested in exploring the artistic and aesthetic implications of fusing interactive design, sound, and technology, FlipMu has created works ranging from large scale interactive multi-touch commercial installations to live musical performance using custom hardware and software.

Brick Table is a tangible and multi-touch interface created by Jordan Hochenbaum and Owen Vallis. An open-ended interface, Brick Table has been used in both the installation settings as well as live performance.

"Weather Report" is a Brick Table installation / interactive software in which a user or multiple people create music by traveling a map of the US. The map shows the current temperatures of the areas by color. Different sounds are associated with different regions of the map, and as the user draws a route on the map with the draw object, the user triggers sounds as their cross those regions. The timbre of the sounds being triggered is further effected using the real-time surface temperature data of those places-- so the same path at one time of the day will sound different than it might later that day, week, month, year...etc. When you stop drawing your path, it will continue to play and loop. There are also additional object that you place on the table that as you rotate, scrub through loops and sounds to add additional elements into the composition. Their volume is controlled by how North or South the object are on the surface, and their panning and spatial location is determined by how East or West their are on the surface.

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