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FLIPSIDE is an hour drama about three friends in their 20s who are contemplating two very different life paths, and the show follows them in both realities; one in which they remain in small town Minnesota, and one in which they move to New York City to pursue their creative dreams.


  1. Nikki Wiles
  2. Sam Friedlander
  3. Max Warmbrodt
  4. Evan Rochte
  5. Chris Friedlander
  6. joseph senior
  7. Attila Lecza
  8. Zack Ketz
  9. Victor Zanata
  10. Justin D. Sims
  11. jason epperson
  12. Simon Dymond
  13. Rafe Sher
  14. Charlie Robinson
  15. AnDy_Nin.Ja
  16. Steven R. Vaughan
  17. Adam Stein

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