Brisbane, Australia.

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We are F L O C K, a collective of photographers and film makers residing in Brisbane, Australia.

With a mixture of backgrounds in art and journalism we produce photographs, films and multimedia. Transcending the common barriers drawn between the commercial, journalistic and art worlds we wish to create contemporary works of cultural relevance and beauty.


  1. Two Bearded Men
  2. Kosuke Arakawa
  3. danicabs
  4. Like Knows Like
  5. Matt Kleiner
  6. rabin sherchan
  7. Alex Chomicz
  8. Rhys Edward Jones
  9. Ali Cameron
  11. Dirty Puppet
  12. Lewis Bennett
  13. samadhi production
  14. Commoner
  15. CANADA
  16. Philip Bloom
  17. André Chocron
  18. Bård Røssevold