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Take a bite out of the sun, mix it with Amazonian beats, and you will feel what FLOR AMAZONA is all about.
Inspired by the lush Amazonian rainforests, the vast Guajira desert, and the intricate and colorful handcrafted art of the “Wayuu” and “Embera” people, FLOR AMAZONA endeavors to bring to life timeless and vibrant pieces reminiscent of the natural beauty found in South America. Playing with the sexiness of bold colors, tropical animals, and the concept of ‘sun-à-porter’, this jewelry house aspires to create the dream of endless sunshine.
“The juxtaposition of traditional, vivid Colombian elements infused with modern, chic features is what gives FLOR AMAZONA its distinct edge,” explains Ana Maria, creator and head designer of the brand. FLOR AMAZONA is the result of her dream to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that evoke the mysterious glamour and allure of the Colombian sun-drenched paradise.
FLOR AMAZONA’s exceptional blend of custom jewelry pieces, has already become a staple accessory throughout Latin America. From the girl next door to the many Latin celebrities, these exotic enamel bangles and mega-wide glass beads bracelets transport its owner to a distant world.
“Each piece is carefully designed and created to bring out the inner ‘Glamazon’ in every woman.” explains Ana. “I strive to create collections with the perfect blend of the exotic, the chic, and the unexpected.”
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