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Flora is a freelance dance artist and performer. Alongside being one of the six independent dance artists who collaborate as Hiru Dance (hirudance.org), Flora is part of the core editorial team at BELLYFLOP Magazine (bellyflopmag.com), and directs and performs with Trumpet Creepers improvisation ensemble (trumpetcreepers.com).

Current and recent freelance projects include: dancing for choreographer Seke Chimutengwende in 'The Library Project' (Richmond Arts Services, Autumn 2013) and ' The Time Travel Piece' (The Place Prize, 2012); doing practice as research into Elizabeth Cary’s 1613 play 'The Tragedy of Mariam' (2013) with site-specific theatre director Rebecca McCutcheon; collaborating on sound-motion research project 'Shaping Sounds 2' (2012), led by performance practitioner Guy Dartnell; participating in 'These Associations' (2012) by Tino Sehgal at Tate Modern; and appearing in 'Only a Free Individual Can Create a Free Society' (Jerwood Foundation, 2013) and 'Tenant' (FLAMIN Production, 2012), two long form films by visual artist Grace Schwindt.

External Links

  • BELLYFLOP Magazine - BELLYFLOP is an online magazine that documents, reflects on, and intervenes in the contemporary dance scene in London.
  • Hiru Dance Organisation - Hiru Dance is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2008 that aims to provide a wider support network for high quality contemporary dance off the beaten track.
  • Trumpet Creepers - Trumpet Creepers approaches open improvisation through the use of movement, voice, text, and a listening yet daring engagement with the one another and their audience.