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This vimeo page represents the works of director and designer, Floris Vos. With his images and sounds he tells stories, creates experiences and sets moods which are stylized, surreal and sometimes heavily drained in abstraction and metaphorical imagery. He always tries to find the balance between commissioned work and art projects. Constantly developing new styles, different techniques and new perspectives for narrative. Projects run for a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, interaction, retail and entertainment industries. Floris teams up with agencies and work directly with brands as well. From concept to delivery he strives to always produce work that is visceral, innovative and diverse.

Floris has some intensive collaborations going with several individuals and studios. Often Floris works with other talents, writers, musicians, designers and together develop new visions. If you have an interesting project to share or if you are a talented artist, please don't hesitate to contact. When you are around you can also come by and visit the studio on the NDSM dock in Amsterdam.

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