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Floro Azqueta was born in San Sebastián, Spain. Studied photography in Madrid, Barcelona and London. Presently lives and works between London, San Sebastián and Barcelona.
Specializing in gastronomic photography, has produced several books and worked for a variety of magazines and publications, either through publicity agencies or as direct clients.
Also works in architectural, town planning and interior designer photography, with architects, hoteliers and the town hall of Barcelona.
Within this last years He has also began to make short films.
His commercial work is complimented with work in the fine art field. He received a grant for creative art from the Diputacion foral de Gipuzkoa, has exhibited in many galleries and institution: Arteleku (S.Sebastián), Koldo Michelena (S.Sebastián), Galería Visor (Valencia), Museo de arte Contemporáneo MACBA (Barcelona), sala Metronom (Barcelona), among others.
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England +4407473037437
Spain +34678 428 217

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