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Floro Azqueta was born in San Sebastián. Studied photography in Madrid and Barcelona. Currently lives and works in London, San Sebastian, and Barcelona.
A Food photographer in London and San Sebastian, he has done several books and worked with many different magazines and companies in the sector, either through advertising agencies or direct clients.
Another field in his career is architecture, planning and interior design, working for architects, hotels, interior designers and for the city of Barcelona. He has also worked with portrait photography, corporate photography, e-commerce and advertising photography in general.
In all the fields, Floro is in command of the technical aspects in order to develop and focus on what the job needs creatively and also conceptuly for each different client and production.
In his work as a Filmmaker you can see an interest for finding narrative in any given subject, with careful and considered shots. His work has a strong sense of the independent quality and tradition of cinema.
His commercial work with the camera is complemented by a series of exhibitions in the art world. He was awarded a scholarship for artistic creation by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. He has exhibited in numerous galleries and institutions: Arteleku (S. Sebastian), Koldo Michelena (S. Sebastian), Gallery Viewer (Valencia), Museum of Contemporary Art MACBA (Barcelona), living Metronom (Barcelona), among others.

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